Banty Eggs

With the soaring price of eggs, I’ve never been so grateful for my little banty hens. Just look what they brought to the table this week!
Considering the rising cost of chicken feed, I’ve been supplementing their diet with healthy table scraps to stretch that bagged feed a bit longer.

Happy hens fill the egg basket
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Chicks Eight Weeks Old Today

Three Silkies & One Millie Fleur

The fluffy buff silkie in the middle is 9 weeks old. Will be moving them all to the coop next weekend. Temperatures here in Phoenix are 70’s H & around 50 at night. They are still in the brooder shed with heat kept at 60 at night, this week it will be lowered to 55 and then they are ready to move to the big girl coop in the barn.

Silk, Glenda, Nugget, and Raven
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