My Millie Fleur is Looking Good

This is Nugget, she’s 3 months old now, look at those slippers! She’s gonna be quite the looker in another 3 months.

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Breed Focus: The Chantecler

The Chantecler chicken is an exceptional dual-purpose poultry breed from Quebec, Canada. Brother Wilfred Chatelain decided to develop the Chantecler breed while walking through the Oka Agricultural Institute’s poultry flocks. He realized there were no chicken breeds from Canada as all of the ones being used originated in Europe or America. He then set out to create a chicken that could endure the harsh Canadian climate and be used for both egg and meat production.

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Source: Livestock Conservancy
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About the Brakel

The Brakel’s history dates back to 1416. They were developed in the Flanders region spanning across northern France, Belgium, and Holland. These birds were a staple on small farms in the area and were bred as a dual-purpose breed with excellent egg production and good table quality. Hens lay about 180 – 200 eggs per year, which are quite large relative to their medium body size.

Brakels are a hardy and active breed. They are good fliers, alert for predators, and excellent foragers. This makes them well adapted for free-ranging flocks.

After both World Wars, the Brakel’s population declined drastically. In the 1960s, the breed was all but extinct. In 1971, recovery efforts began. The only remaining birds were 2 hens, 2 roosters, and a dozen eggs. Remarkably from this small group, the breed was revived!

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