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About the Plymouth Rock Chicken | TBN Ranch

The Plymouth Rock, also called the Barred Rock, is an American breed of domestic chicken. It is a dual-purpose hardy breed, raised both for meat and eggs. This friendly sweet breed has a single comb with five points; the comb, wattles and ear-lobes are bright red. The legs are yellow … Continue reading

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Frizzle Chicken: Breed Profile, Care Guide and More…

What, you may ask is a frizzle? It is most definitely a chicken, but a chicken with a very unusual look and some special needs to go with the look. They are fun, conspicuous and lovable – what more can … Continue reading

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Buff Orpington All You Need To Know

In this article we discuss Orpington’s temperament, breed characteristics, egg laying capabilities and recognized variants. Is the Buff Orpington Right For You? Source: Buff Orpington All You Need To Know: Temperament and Egg Laying  

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