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Managing Your Backyard Flock

How to Help Molting Chickens Through the Process Countryside Network
How To Deal With A Loud Rooster The Happy Chicken Coop
Are You Buying A Pullet or Hen? The Happy Chicken Coop
Raising Chickens for Meat and Eggs Countryside Network
Poultry Farming Terminology – What’s in a Name? Countryside Network
Chicks Vs. Pullets: What’s The Best Way To Start Your Flock? Hobby Farms
Why Some Chickens Molt Faster Than Others Garden Betty
Considerations for Keeping a Rooster Backyard Chickens
How to Deal with Aggressive Roosters Hobby Farms
Pros & Cons of Keeping a Rooster Rural Living
How to Humanely Euthanize a Chicken The Chicken Chick
Show Prep Poultry Show Central
About Free-Range Chickens, Pros & Cons The Happy Chicken Coop
Should I light the Coop Over Winter? The Happy Chicken Coop

Baby Chicks

Chapter 4: Caring for baby chicks My Pet Chicken
Baby Chick Basics, What You Need To Get Started The Chicken Chick
The Care of Baby Chicks Murray McMurray Hatchery
How To Raise Baby Chicks, The First 60 Days Backyard Chickens
Feather Sexing Day Old Chicks Town & Country Gardening

Feed & Nutrition

How to Raise Mealworms for Your Flock Murano Chicken Farm
More: How To Raise Mealworms Backyard Chickens
Feeding Chickens – An Introductory Guide Backyard Chickens
Probiotics and Ferments: They’re Good For Your Chickens, Too! Hobby Farms
About Organic Chicken Farms Hobby Farms
What to Feed Chickens in Winter Grit
DIY Sprouted Fodder for Livestock Mother Earth News
The Chicken Chick®: Chickens & Obesity The Chicken Chick
9 Healthy Treats Your Chickens Will Love The Happy Chicken Coop
Healthy food for coop-bound chickens Natural Homestead Living
Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans! Raising Happy Chickens
Homemade Suet for Chickens Fresh Eggs Daily
Feeding & Watering Chickens Willow Creek Farm
Feeding Chickens at Different Ages The Chicken Chick
Fresh Food List for Chickens Backyard Chickens
Natural Supplements for Chickens Bitchin’ Chickens

Broodies & Incubation

Broodiness in Chickens Hobby Farms
5 Broody Chicken Breeds Great For Hatching Eggs Hobby Farms
Caring for Broody Hens: Facilitating Egg-hatching The Chicken Chick
Broody Hens vs Incubators Pros & Cons Backyard Chickens
When is it Safe to Open the Incubator? Cluckin
Candling Eggs Backyard Chickens

Health & Well-Being

Flystrike in Backyard Chickens, Causes, Prevention & Treatment The Chicken Chick
How I Use Herbs in My Coop and Why You Should Too The Happy Chicken Coop
Top 11 Ways to Accidentally Kill Your Chickens The Happy Chicken Coop
Spraddle leg & Curled Toes- Causes and Treatments The Chicken Chick
Solutions for Spraddle Leg Fresh Eggs Daily
How to Treat Bumblefoot Hobby Farms
Diseases: 5 Common Flock Problems & How to Treat Them The Happy Chicken Coop
All About Marek’s Disease The Happy Chicken Coop
How to treat mites & lice? The Chicken Chick
The Essential Quarantine Backyard Chickens
How To Prevent Frostbite The Happy Chicken Coop

Seasonal Concerns

Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Warm and Alive in the Winter Self-Sufficiency Magazine
The Chicken Chick®: Surviving Winter with Chickens The Chicken Chick
Fresh Eggs Daily®: To Heat or not to Heat your Coop this Winter Fresh Eggs Daily
Raising Chickens in Cold Country City Girl Farming
Should I Light the Coop Over Winter The Happy Chicken Coop
Homemade Electrolytes to Combat Heat Exhaustion Backyard Poultry
Top 10 Tips for Keeping Chickens in Winter The Spruce
Guide to Chicken Keeping in Extreme Cold Scoop From The Coop

Incubation & Hatching

How to Incubate & Hatch Eggs Backyard Chickens
My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching My Pet Chicken
How to Choose the Perfect Incubator The Happy Chicken Coop
Beginner’s Guide to Incubation Backyard Chickens
When is it Safe to Open the Incubator? Cluckin
Solving Incubation Issues When Hatching Eggs Hobby Farms
What To Know Before Breeding Chickens Hobby Farms
Candling Eggs Backyard Chickens
Broody Hens vs Incubators Pros & Cons Backyard Chickens
Solving Incubation Issues When Hatching Eggs Hobby Farms
Incubate & Hatch Eggs Backyard Chickens

All About Eggs

Abnormal Chicken Eggs: What You Need To Know! The Frugal Chicken
How a Hen Makes an Egg & Egg Oddities.. The Chicken Chick
Facts and Myths about Fertile Eggs The Chicken Chick

Chicken Coops, Inside & Out

Portable Chicken Coops Lancaster Chicken Coops
Chicken Coop Designs for Backyard Chickens HGTV
22 DIY Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard Country Living
Chicken Coops You’ll Love Wayfair
20 Stunning Chicken Coop Designs For Your Lovely Birds Poultry Guide
4 Chicken Runs and Coops Built From Recycled Materials Backyard Poultry
Everything You Need to Know about Chicken Roosting Bars Backyard Poultry
DIY Chicken Swing – Attainable Sustainable Attainable Sustainable
21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops Buzz Feed
7 Coop Bedding Materials and How to Choose the Right One Hobby Farms
Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, the Litter Superstar The Chicken Chick
Chicken Coop Ramps, The Ultimate Guide The Featherbrain

Breed Profiles

Speckled Sussex : the right breed for you? Raising Happy Chickens
Olive Egger Chicken: May Breed of the Month Backyard Poultry
Marans Chicken: April Breed of the Month Backyard Poultry
Chicken Breed Focus – Japanese Bantam Backyard Chickens
Chicken Breed Focus – Ancona Backyard Chickens
Chicken Breed Focus – New Hampshire Backyard Chickens
4 Fabulously Long-Tailed Chickens Hobby Farms
Chicken Breed Focus – Appenzeller Spitzhauben. Backyard Chickens
Red star chickens – designer birds or the mutts of the poultry world? Raising Happy Chickens


Predator Proofing Your Chicken Coop and Run Our One Acre Farm
Secrets To Predator-Proofing Your Chicken Coop Off The Grid News
10 Basic Tips for Protecting Chickens from Predators Grit
Best Tips How To Keep Secure Your Chickens Benedicts Group Limited
Predator Proofing 101: How to Keep your Chickens Safe Day and Night Fresh Eggs Daily
How to Keep your Chickens Safe from Possums The Happy Chicken Coop
Skunk – Predators, How To Protect Your Chickens Backyard Chickens


How To Clip & Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight Backyard Chickens
How to Humanely Euthanize a Chicken The Chicken Chick

Good Housekeeping Practices & Biosecurity

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Poultry House Cornell Small Farms
5 Ways to Make Coop-Cleaning Easier Hobby Farms
The Truth About Diatomaceous Earth The Chicken Chick


Chickens, History and Ancestry K. Kris Hirst
A History of Chickens: Then (1900) Vs Now (2016) The Happy Chicken Coop

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