Free Range Easy Fill Drinker, Design Flaw. An Updated Review

There is a problem with this drinker, I’m disappointed to report a major design flaw that needs to be addressed. I used this drinker for about a week and kept finding the tank full and the tray dry. This is a death sentence in Phoenix where temps are 110+. There isn’t a vent in the cover, causing a vacuum and therefore a stoppage of water flow. I drilled a couple of holes in the lid and now it’s working nicely.

I thought the Free Range Easy Fill Drinker was a good choice for our farm because it held 3.5 gallons of water, keeping it cooler longer when the temps are extreme. For the price, I expected more, and now it’s up $10+ dollars!

I won’t tell you not to buy this drinker, but be prepared to drill a few holes in the cover or you’ll find your birds without water.

FYI: I’ve contacted the manufacturer about this problem.

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Easy Fill Waterer for Chickens, a Review

Design Flaw, Read Updated Review

Finally a drinker that’s easy to fill, simply take off the lid and fill it with the hose. Available in two sizes, 3.5 gallon & 6.25 gallon. Easy to clean, made of molded long-life plastic. Big handle for easy transport.
This drinker isn’t designed to hang, I raise it using a cinder block for adult hens.

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No Waste Baby Chick Feeder by Rent a Coop, a Review

  • Adaptable for chicks up to 12 weeks old.
  • Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old.
  • Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old.
  • Free shipping from My Pet Chicken

I introduced this chick feeder for the first time and I love it. Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old. Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old. Height of feeding ports allows chicks to reach and access feed at the bottom of the container without being able to move, spill or waste the feed. You can use it free standing or it comes with mounting hardware for use on wood, or hung on wire. I use it free standing.

My chicks made the transition from a traditional chick feeder to this feeder in minutes. No waste, the chicks can’t scratch out the feed, and they can’t poop in their feed either. I highly recommend paying the $35 dollar price tag on this feeder, it’s made extremely well and will last probably close to forever.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this feeder on Amazon, or My Pet Chicken. I bought mine at My Pet Chicken, it ships free and arrived within a week.
Note: The feeder from My Pet Chicken comes with a better lid than Amazon’s, it’s pointy so the chicks can’t perch on top of it.
Important: This feeder is not for chicks under a week old.

My Pet Chicken $35.95
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