Cleaning Farm Eggs


Egg Washing, Good or Bad?

Personally, I do not wash eggs. Unwashed eggs have a natural antibacterial coating called bloom, therefore, I highly recommend dry cleaning farm fresh eggs. If you absolutely have to clean them, using a sanding sponge or loofah will help preserve most of the bloom intact. Make sure you sanitize your cleaning materials for cleaning eggs, every time.

Why Not Wash Eggs?

Bacteria, plain and simple.  Did you know that submerging eggs in cold water causes the pores in an egg shell to pull bacteria from the surface and into the egg?  If you are not concerned by this and still want to wash eggs, always use warm water and dry each egg thoroughly before storing.  Many poultry keepers then use a sanitizing spray of diluted bleach before storing, I do not.

Here at TBN Ranch, dirty eggs are either washed and immediately eaten, pitched in the trash, or scrambled up and feed back to the birds, shell and all. They love them, and it’s an excellent nutritional source.

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