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TBN Ranch’s Most Popular Article? You’ll Never Guess…

TBN Ranch has been writing and sharing articles about chicken keeping for 7 years now. Oddly enough my most read article on this blog has absolutely nothing to do with chickens! Not exactly something I want to brag about, nevertheless…. … Continue reading

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Cookie and Piper’s Story

Meet Cookie, she is a 2 year old Buff Silkie Bantam… and our little mother hen. She is the one girl I can count on to set on fertile eggs and NEVER give up until they hatch. Don’t let her … Continue reading

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About the Standard Cochin Chicken

The Gentle Giants | TBN Ranch Cochin chickens are known for their soft feathers and fluffy robust appearance. They have a round body, long silky plumage, feathered feet, and a single comb. They lay a fair┬ánumber of brown or tinted … Continue reading

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