Crossed / Crooked Beak

  • Scissor beak aka: Crossed beak
  • What it is and How to Manage It
ESTHER scissor beak
by  The Chicken Chick

Scissor beak, aka: crossed beak, crooked beak, is a condition in which the top and bottom beaks do not align properly. It can be caused by genetics, an injury or the inability to maintain the beak’s length and shape… Continue Reading

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How to Clip Chickens Wings for Beginners

Great how-to article if clipping your chicken’s flight feathers for the first time.

By James Marshall

Although chickens technically cannot fly, they do have the ability to escape, getting into danger with predators or causing a nuisance. This beginners guide explains simply how to clip their wings painlessly to prevent ‘flighty’ behaviour… Read More

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