The Chicks Are All Grown Up

Here they are, almost at their point of lay. Expecting eggs in about 2-3 weeks. Two Easter Eggers and two Golden Laced Wyandottes.

Tonight they are enjoying a special dinner of romaine, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, and a tiny bit of cheese. 🙂

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Chicken Roost Types and Ideas

There are so many different types of roosts, which one is best for your coop? Does it really matter? Nope, your birds just need something to roost on at night that’s suitable & easy to clean. It can be an old ladder, maybe something cool you design from scrap lumber. Or… you can be creative and come up with something totally unique.  Need a few ideas?  View 50+ Roost Ideas 

Why are Roosts Important?
It’s a natural instinct for chickens to look for a safe place to retire for the night. Not only are they protecting themselves from predators, but also inclement weather.  Chickens sleeping in the nest box is something I like to discourage for hygiene reasons.  Nest boxes are for laying eggs, roosts are for resting or sleeping.

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No Mess RentACoop PVC Chicken Feeder Arrives

So far, the RentACoop PVC Chicken Feeder checked 3 out of my 4 boxes of approval. 1. Nice quality, 2. EASY to install, and 3. Fast delivery.
The last box of approval is, will it it work? Will there no longer be feed knocked or scratched out of the feeder and sprawled EVERYWHERE?
My current opinion is, it might be the best feeder I’ve ever had.  But I still have unanswered questions, will my chickens eat from it? Will it be a problem that only one bird at a time can visit the feeder? Can’t say, only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

Note: My birds are young, that’s why the feeder is low on the fence. The proper height of drinkers & feeders is easy to remember. Never hang them higher than a chicken’s back.
It’s also a good idea to keep the old feeding station in place until you’re sure they’ve learned to use the new one. The feeder does state this is for birds 12 weeks & older…. I figure they’ll have time to get used to it over the next few weeks.

View pics of all the different types of Chicken Feeders

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