First Eggs

Took an Unusually Long Time

Finally after 29 weeks my March chicks started laying. Usually my birds reach their point of lay at about 18 weeks, this year was far from the usual. I blame the delay on weather, this year Phoenix experienced brutal heat. Most of July and August hit 110, with a few days reaching 118. Although my ladies have a mist system and a fan, this kind of weather takes it’s toll.
Cooler weather has arrived, that means happy birds… and that’s what fills the egg basket.

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Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!

Exactly six months to the day and I have eggs from my ladies…  finally!  Another good piece of news is now I know for sure they are indeed pullets. Sometimes you just can’t tell on a Silkie until they actually lay an egg!

Silkies 6 months 3-12-14

Here’s what I found in the nest box…

Silkie Bantam Eggs 3-12-14
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