How to Bathe a Chicken

Show Off Your Fancy Poultry

You’ll need 3 buckets, any will do, but personally I like the 5 gallon size.  Use Ivory liquid soap in the first one for the bath. You can add 1/2 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax to the bath for a positive effect if your chicken is light or white.

Fill a second bucket with water, use this to rinse the soap off the bird. If your bird is white it’s okay to add 1/2 teaspoon bleach to each gallon of water. This will help brighten the white.

In the third bucket mix 2 cups vinegar to each gal. of water, this will make the feathers shine.  If you want that show shine appeal, add 1 tablespoon glycerin.

Gently pat the chicken with a towel, or confine to a clean cage to dry. Using a blow dryer is okay too, just make sure it’s not too hot, and diffuse the air stream with your hand at all times.  The blow dryer can frizz or break feathers, keep it on low and take your time.



17 thoughts on “How to Bathe a Chicken”

  1. Love this post! Now I want to wash a chicken! What did I inherit from my grandmother, besides some wisdom, a little red hen. Your post makes me want chickens again. ENJOYED!

  2. I had to think a bit about why you would bathe a chicken.
    When we raised cockatiels I had to bathe one and he ended up loving swimming around in the tub. he also whistled to toes and loved mashed potatoes.

  3. Why in tarnation would you even want to wash a chicken? Opps, I forgot to whoem I am speaking to…!
    You’re the only person I know who brushes her gravel, polishes her fence post and sends her donkey through a self cleaning car wash! ha ha, Love your blogs…washing a chicken…I barely wash my self! good Lord! 🙂

      1. I’m kidding my friend, it was too good of a chance to kid you. I know all about the state fair ‘showing’. My kids did pigs for FFA… They were bathed in our tub!

    1. Don’t think 1/2 teaspoon bleach to a gallon is much to worry about. Besides, you hold the chicken’s wings at his side, he won’t even move most likely.

  4. So what happens if you bleach a chicken that isn’t white??

    NEVER knew you could bathe a chicken.

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