Standard Blue Cochin

Flashy gal! Piper is just under 3 months old and just beginning to venture out of the grow pen to test her acceptance with the existing flock. Day 7 of learning the serious business of social ranking. Every day brings her one step closer to finding her place, and someday she’ll learn the power of choice.
Blue Cochin

9 thoughts on “Standard Blue Cochin”

  1. I’m so jealous that you have a growing pen. I didn’t get a broody hen this summer so no new additions to the flock because there’s no place to keep the young ‘uns.

    1. It has been a little trying even though it’s mild here. It’s been way colder than it should be. But it’s been a learning experience using new radiant heat gadgets. even though it was in the 30’s, they are all thriving. I did supplement with a heat lamp, I cheated a little!

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