The Dorking

The Dorking is a very ancient British breed believed to have its ancestry rooted back in Roman Britain where five-toed Dorking like breeds were described in texts from AD 47…

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by ChickenStreet

Silver grey, Red, White, Dark, Cuckoo

Eyes: Bright red
Comb: Single, large or Rose
Feet & legs: Featherless, five toes

Cock weight
Large Fowl 10-14lb (4.55-6.35kg)
Bantam 40-48oz (1130-1360g)

Hen weight
Large Fowl 8-10lb (3.60-4.55kg)
Bantam 32-40oz (910-1130g)

Egg production – Low to medium
Egg Colour – Tinted

Classification – Heavy; Soft Feather

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