Little Giant Poultry Drinker, Solving the Overflow Problem

TBN Ranch Gravitar

Many people are complaining this drinker overflows and leaves their birds without water, but there’s a simple fix to this problem! This drinker really is a good product, but theres a trick to keeping it from leaking everywhere. I sent my first one back, the second ended up in the shed on a shelf. But now I use it every day and love it.

Solution to Overflowing


First of all, I’m sure you already know it’s important to place the drinker on level ground, and up on a cinder block is good practice too. But here’s the real trick to stop it from overflowing. After you fill the drinker full, loosely tighten the cover on top. Remove the black cap on side allowing the fountain to fill. While it’s filling, loosen the black cover on top (kind of a lot) then tighten it again. This will create the vacuum needed to stop it from overflowing. 

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3 Responses to Little Giant Poultry Drinker, Solving the Overflow Problem

  1. tamisdanes says:

    I stumbled across this solution by trial and error….good advice, it works.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    That really works! I googled it long ago and found that tip to do the trick! Thanks for addressing this simple “cure”!! 😀

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