No Mess RentACoop PVC Chicken Feeder Arrives

So far, the RentACoop PVC Chicken Feeder checked 3 out of my 4 boxes of approval. 1. Nice quality, 2. EASY to install, and 3. Fast delivery.
The last box of approval is, will it it work? Will there no longer be feed knocked or scratched out of the feeder and sprawled EVERYWHERE?
My current opinion is, it might be the best feeder I’ve ever had.  But I still have unanswered questions, will my chickens eat from it? Will it be a problem that only one bird at a time can visit the feeder? Can’t say, only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

Note: My birds are young, that’s why the feeder is low on the fence. The proper height of drinkers & feeders is easy to remember. Never hang them higher than a chicken’s back.
It’s also a good idea to keep the old feeding station in place until you’re sure they’ve learned to use the new one. The feeder does state this is for birds 12 weeks & older…. I figure they’ll have time to get used to it over the next few weeks.

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Little Giant Poultry Drinker, Solving the Overflow Problem

Many people are complaining this drinker overflows and leaves their birds without water, but there’s a simple fix to this problem! This drinker really is a good product, but there’s a trick to keeping it from leaking everywhere. I sent my first one back, the second ended up in the shed on a shelf. But now I use it every day and love it.

Solution to Overflowing

First of all, I’m sure you already know it’s important to place the drinker on level ground, and up on a cinder block is good practice too. But here’s the real trick to stop it from overflowing. After you fill the drinker full, loosely tighten the cover on top. Remove the black cap on side allowing the fountain to fill. While it’s filling, loosen the black cover on top (kind of a lot) then tighten it again. This will create the vacuum needed to stop it from overflowing. That’s it!


Choosing a Chicken Drinker | Types, Ideas, DIY

Which drinker is right for your chickens? It depends on many factors to say the least.  Convenience should certainly be considered, but keep in mind, there are a variety of different drinkers available for many different reasons.
For every need (or problem) someone has no doubt found a solution. Visit my photo collection and see all the different drinker types, get some ideas, and even learn how to make your own!

Chicken Drinkers

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