My Pet Chicken, a Review

Customer Service & Shipment of Baby Chicks
How My Pet Chicken Handled a Problem Shipment

My Pet Chicken is a hatchery that ships sexed Silkie Bantams and Millie Fleurs, my favorites. They also are a hatchery that ships only a few birds, they deserve points for that. My Pet Chicken is high on my list of choices for ornamental chicks, and I’ve never had a problem with a baby chick shipment, until now.

My order of six chicks arrived yesterday, nicely packed with plenty of straw-like bedding in a nice sturdy box with ample ventilation. They were shipped on Monday and they arrived Tuesday at 2 pm, exactly what I expected.
Unfortunately, they were not handled with care either by the airlines or USPS, one Silkie was dead, and one Silkie and a Mille Fleur had broken legs. I was devastated. I’ve mail-ordered chicks many times over the last fifteen years with at least a 99% success rate. I wasn’t expecting to have any problems of this magnitude.
Unfortunately, I had to cull the injured chicks, and I must say, even though I’ve had my share of unpleasant tasks over the years having chickens… it was still traumatizing. It’s done, I’m over it, and focusing on my three healthy fuzzy butt chicks.
How Did My Pet Chicken Handle the Situation?
I called My Pet Chicken informing them of the poor arrival of my chicks. I didn’t know what I was expecting… after all, it wasn’t their fault this happened. Nevertheless, maybe I just needed to vent. So glad I called, customer service was beyond nice, and genuinely compassionate, and to my surprise, offered to send me replacement chicks or a refund for the 3 chicks lost. If that’s not customer satisfaction I don’t know what is. My Pet Chicken gets an A+ from me. 🙂

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