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What’s The Chicken Swing all About?

Does your flock need a boredom breaker?  I think this might be it! Looks like fun, and certainly would be entertaining to watch. Pretty sure even I could hang it. If your like me, installing anything is a challenge, but … Continue reading

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Using the Brinsea EcoGlow for Chicks in Winter

An updated review by an actual user of radiant heat from a Brinsea EcoGlow20 brooder. Raising baby chicks in winter… we’re all set in our ways. Especially me, but right now I’m practicing what I preach about not keeping chicks … Continue reading

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No-Crow Rooster Collar, a Review

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It’s been over a week of adjusting and re-adjusting the collar in an attempt to find the sweet spot of no crow success. I tightened it, raised it, lowered it, tightened it some more… and rooster Jo is still crowing. … Continue reading

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Predator Control for your Chickens

Nite Guard Solar, A Review Does it work? Yes! This video will help you understand how it works, but I can tell you first hand that it’s everything they say. There are currently six on my property protecting my chickens … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Pet Club Feed and Tack, a Review

Pet Club, claims to have the largest selection of premium & natural pet foods at discount prices. Their stores are popping up all over Arizona, but be advised, inventory differs to meet local demands. You’ll notice some are feed & … Continue reading

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