The Black Star, AKA, Black Sex-Link

The Egg Laying Superstar

The Black Star, also known as a Black Sex-Link is produced by two separate breeds. The breeds are usually a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster mated with a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. The Black Star is known for its hardiness, excellent egg-laying ability, and attractive appearance.
The Black Star chicken is a medium-sized breed with a sleek and slender body. It has glossy, jet-black feathers that have a greenish sheen in certain lighting, giving it a striking appearance.
The feathers of the Black Star are typically black throughout the body. However, the hens may have occasional gold flecking on the breast area. The roosters will feather out somewhat like a Barred Rock.
The comb and wattles of the Black Star chicken are usually red, and the beak and legs are yellow. They have clean legs and four toes.
Sexing Chicks is Easy!
Females are all black.
Males have a white spot on their head.
One of the main reasons why Black Star chickens are popular is their excellent egg-laying abilities. Hens of this breed are known to be prolific layers, with the potential to lay around 250-300 large brown eggs per year.
The “Black Star” is not a recognized or standardized breed of chicken. Instead, it is a name or trade name used by hatcheries or poultry producers to describe a specific type of chicken that has been selectively bred or crossbred to exhibit certain characteristics.

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