Cookies and Cream Hybrid Chicken

A Crossbred Chicken, with Mystery Breeding

Cookies & Cream Hybrid

The Cookies & Cream chicken is a hybrid, meaning it is created by crossing two different parents and will not breed true. Crosses are generally created for egg production qualities, egg color, or feather color variations or patterns. When fully grown this breed will be a medium size, with feathered legs and mottled feathers. Cookies and Cream hens will produce cream-colored eggs, have a crest and beard, and may or may not have 5 toes.
Meyer Hatchery has partnered with chicken enthusiast, Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily to bring you the Cookies and Cream Hybrid. The breeds used to create this chicken are not disclosed, so your guess is as good as mine what they are mixed with. I’m guessing you’re buying a Silkie Cross.

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