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About the Welsummer

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Origin: Netherlands Class: Continental Type: Large Fowl Size: Medium (6-7 lbs) Rarity: Common Purpose: Dual   The Welsummer rooster is rustic-red and orange in color and the hen is a light and dark brown partridge pattern with gold around the … Continue reading

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The Barnevelder | Barnevelders.net

Submitted by:  Barnevelders.net The Double Laced Barnevelder is a large, soft feathered, docile and very good natured chicken. They are very tame and do not fly well. They are a very pretty bird with interesting markings and a beautiful iridescent … Continue reading

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Silkie Hens Fill the Egg Basket Too

You may have heard the Silkie Bantam is only a fair egg layer, but is this really a fair statement? Perhaps they get a bad rap because they’re often broody which interrupts egg production. True, but in my opinion, this … Continue reading

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About the Sebright Chicken

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Chicken Breed Focus – Sebright Backyard Chickens The Sebright is a very small, beautiful, rose-combed bantam, usually with laced feathers. They are a purely ornamental breed, very popular as pets and with hobbyists as show birds. While usually quite friendly … Continue reading

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Silkie Bantam on Eggs

Peaches, my best Silkie Momma is sitting on five Cochin Bantam eggs,  looking forward to the big day when they hopefully all hatch! TBN Ranch is still zoned for livestock in the city of Phoenix, however ordinances prohibit roosters. We … Continue reading

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