A Creative Chicken Coop is Half the Fun of Having Chickens

I can sure appreciate the dedication and effort involved to create this coop from scratch.  It’s lovely, creative, and more than suitable to accommodate chickens. Keeping chickens for many is a hobby, it should be just as fun watching them as it is caring for them. This is where the coop plays such an important role in chicken keeping. It needs to be a place you want to be too!

Putting your individual signature on a coop will turn the ordinary into a unique image of your personality.  New isn’t always better, a coop just needs to be functional, style comes from the touch of caring hands and love.

Here’s an example of how much fun it can be to design a chicken coop. I found it on Backyard Chickens.

Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop | by Nardo

Not sure about the “low cost” of this DIY coop, but use your imagination…  we can all find scrap materials that would add a little dazzle to our chicken coops! I like the plants inside, nice touch!

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Nest Box Ideas for Your Coop

There are lots of nest box choices out there to buy, but if you’d rather be creative, here’s some very creative ideas to inspire you!
Creative Nest Box Ideas

10 Chicken Coops That Will Make You Want To House Hens

Creative chicken coop pics found on Huff Post that will inspire you to follow your dream of owning chickens.


View Hundreds of Chicken Coops, Building Plans


Looking for a chicken coop? I have collected HUNDREDS of pictures that will assist you in your search for the perfect set-up. Whether you are looking for large, small, unique, creative, or the extravagant coop, this is an opportunity to explore your options in one convenient place.

Chicken Coop Building Plans Too!

My love for chicken coops has blossomed to a full fledged obsession; therefore my collection is constantly growing.

I hope you are inspired by other chicken keeper’s creative ideas, be sure to visit often for new finds.

Over 450 Chicken Coops & Ideas!

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Creative Poultry Keeping

Whatever Works!

When raising chickens there are only three things that matter… food, water, and shelter.

You can spend a lot of money for an elaborate set-up, but quite honestly, half the fun is being creative with the resources you have on hand.

There’s no need for fancy, chickens are very docile and non-destructive. Whatever you can provide that will protect them from predators is sufficient. Their nesting area needn’t be large, they actually prefer tight quarters. I made the mistake of giving every bird her own nest box when I first started raising poultry. However, one box for every two to three birds is definitely their preference. This nest box pictured below will easily accommodate four birds.

Store bought nest boxes are certainly pretty, but they are also expensive. Check the garage, or a flea market for something else that might be suitable. Apple crates work nicely for example. Or visit a Home Depot, they sell scrap wood in the lumber dept. for as little as fifty cents a board, what a bargain! Have your measurements ready because the first two cuts are free!

Here in Arizona it’s time to start a flock, the weather is perfect for chicks by mid October. In other parts of the country it’s time to research, plan, and prepare for the spring flock. Have fun in your adventure!