Chicken Coop Design Essentials, Details and Luxuries Guide

Chicken Coop Design Essentials, Details and Luxuries Guide

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Handcrafted Chicken Swing

Looking for a cool way to amuse your chickens? Had to share this clever idea for a handcrafted swing.  Found this on Community Chickens, what a great idea!
Love to see chicken coops with individual style, the red chair is a great touch.

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Coop is Ready for the Brutal Heat in Phoenix

The heat is creeping around the corner and once again we are preparing for the brutal days  ahead of summer in Phoenix!
The barn is ready with a new GIANT fan, repaired shade cloths, and new fasteners. New larger drinkers are in place, and numerous water troughs have been put in the different areas my chickens frequent. Even the hoses have been replaced!

With any luck at all, I won’t have anything to leak, break or blow/float away when it’s a billion degrees outside, or when the high winds of monsoon season arrive sometime in July.  In case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a glimpse of what happened just a few years ago. TBN Ranch in Ruins after Monsoon Micro Burst. Hope that NEVER happens again, pretty sure positive my insurance company agrees!

The Chicken Barn at TBN Ranch Today


A Creative Chicken Coop is Half the Fun of Having Chickens

I can sure appreciate the dedication and effort involved to create this coop from scratch.  It’s lovely, creative, and more than suitable to accommodate chickens. Keeping chickens for many is a hobby, it should be just as fun watching them as it is caring for them. This is where the coop plays such an important role in chicken keeping. It needs to be a place you want to be too!

Putting your individual signature on a coop will turn the ordinary into a unique image of your personality.  New isn’t always better, a coop just needs to be functional, style comes from the touch of caring hands and love.

Here’s an example of how much fun it can be to design a chicken coop. I found it on Backyard Chickens.

Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop | by Nardo

Not sure about the “low cost” of this DIY coop, but use your imagination…  we can all find scrap materials that would add a little dazzle to our chicken coops! I like the plants inside, nice touch!

1200 pics 2

Broody Hens, Chicks, and Young Pullets

A place just for them keeps peace among the flock. Here’s the set-up I have to help keep it all organized.

Funny thing about chicken coops, no matter how big we build them, they always end up being too small. Here at TBN Ranch we keep expanding, so rather than admit I can’t afford to build a giant elaborate chicken operation, we add-on. I prefer to call these add-ons chicken condos, where they are quickly multiplying in our large fully covered, partially enclosed shedrow barn.

There’s a young man here in town that builds quality custom coops, and a little at a time I’m able to expand my set-up.  I had another coop delivered today, this will almost complete my plans for the young birds, broody hens, and hatching area.

Now I have to get busy finishing my sale/quarantine pen on the other side of the property. I decided to minimize any health risks that could be introduced to my flocks by chicken owners visiting the farm to buy birds.