Solutions for Spraddle Leg

What is Spraddle Leg?

Spraddle Legs is a condition when baby chicks can’t get their feet under them to walk.
Here’s what you can do to treat this condition…

Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

spraddleHopefully you will never have to worry about a chick with spraddle leg ( also called splayed leg), but as is the case with everything else chicken-related, it’s always best to be prepared …just in case… Read Article




Spraddle Legs is a condition caused as a result of a  newly hatched chick not being able to get good footing in the hatcher or brooder right after hatching…
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Homemade Suet for Chickens

A great recipe from a great website! Fresh Eggs Daily®

Excess fat in your chickens’ diet should be limited, just as it should in your own diet.  But when it comes to providing an excellent energy source in the cold weather, you just can’t beat fat…  Read article and get suet recipe.