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Understanding the Molting Process

by McMurray Staff Molting is a natural process that chickens go through annually so they can replenish and replace their feathers. Chickens need to grow new feathers to allow them to effectively regulate their body temperature especially those in colder environments. … Continue reading

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Hello From the Chicken Yard

Finally the girls are able to enjoy their days in weather that isn’t 115 degrees. Only 95 today! Probably still seems hot to most folks, but not to the chickens here in Phoenix. They’ve stepped away from the mist systems … Continue reading

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Chickens Looking for Summer to End

 Sept 17 and still barely under 100 degrees, still another month to go. The flock is looking a little rough around the edges, but all seemed to be healthy… just a little attitudinal. Everybody is laying eggs except Piper, my … Continue reading

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