Pre-Emergent Herbicides and Chickens

Concern: Are there harmful effects on chickens exposed to pre-emergents?

Henrietta, Leghorn

I was introduced to pre-emergent applications years ago when the weeds on our ranch became an overwhelming challenge to control. We tried everything including Round-up, it was incredibly costly to spray our entire property and it wasn’t even very effective. After a month the weeds were all back.

Pre-emergent applications sprayed twice a year are virtually 100%, and a fraction of the cost too. We use a professional service here in Phoenix called Southwest Ground Control that guaranties we won’t see a single weed or they come back free of charge. To give you an idea of cost, it’s about $260 per acre.

However, now that I have some chickens that are retired and free range on my property, I had concerns about their exposure to my bi-annual pre-emergent treatment scheduled for this week.¬† After my research I decided to only partially apply herbicides, here’s why…

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