The Mottled Houdan

Mottled Houdan: My Pet Chicken

The Mottled Houdan is an ancient breed that originated in France. They are known for their unique appearance and have become popular exhibition birds due to their striking plumage.
Appearance: Houdans are crested and have a V-shaped comb, five toes & a beard.
Plumage: The Houdan breed is known for its beautiful plumage, characterized by a striking contrast of black and white.
Temperament: Houdans are known to be calm, friendly, and docile birds.
Egg Production: Low, 2-3 white eggs a week.
Cold Hardiness: Not cold hardy.
Heat Tolerant: Yes.
Exhibition Qualities: Houdans are highly regarded in the exhibition poultry community for their unique appearance.
Abundance: Considered rare.

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Common Crested Chicken Breeds

A Few Fancy Crested Breeds and Where To Get Them

Here are the most common crested breeds that are available at most hatcheries. Yes! You can mail-order chicks and when they arrive at your local post office they will notify you.
We frequently order from Meyer Hatchery and have been very satisfied with their service, and the quality of their chicks. You don’t have to order a lot of chicks either, but keep in mind, chicks transport better when there are at least six.

My Favorite…


Polish: The Polish chicken is a very popular breed of crested chicken known for its distinctive feather crest on its head. They come in a variety of colors including white, black, silver, and golden.
Houdan: The Houdan chicken is another popular breed of crested chicken known for its feather crest and muffs.
Sultan: The Sultan chicken is a unique crested breed known for its fluffy feather crest, beard, and feathered feet. They come in white and black varieties.
Silkie: The Silkie chicken is a crested chicken known for its soft, fluffy feathers and black skin.

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