A Few of our Happy Hens

Every now and again the girls stand still for the camera, this morning was one of those rare times! Meet Lucy, Lorraine & Dottie.  All three girls were hatched in 2016.

Lorraine & Lucy’s breed: Australorpe, and Dottie is a LeghornX.

Disabled Dottie

Meet Dottie, Miss Injury Queen. Her comb has gotten so big and heavy it has flopped over to one side limiting her vision primarily to one eye. Floppy combs are somewhat common for Leghorns, and it’s not usually a problem. But to some extent, this condition has turned into a disability for Dottie. She bumps into things, and her big fleshy appendage atop her head bleeds, which of course causes havoc in the chicken yard.


My docile members of the flock are anything but when there’s an injured bird present, so Dottie has been moved to the chicken hospital.¬† She can still see the flock, and quite honestly, seems quite happy in the safety of solitude. Oddly enough, being confined hasn’t effected her egg production at all. Every morning there’s a pearly white egg in her nest, and in my opinion, a happy bird is one that’s laying! I haven’t decided yet if she will be returned to the flock at some point, or if this 4×6 coop will be a permanent home.