Chicks and Brooders

Two Leghorns, Rhode Island Red
TBN Ranch Chicks

What is a Brooder?

A brooder is a heated container that has a temperature controlled area. It’s used to confine chicks until they are old enough to go outside.

Creating a Brooder

You can make or buy one, other than a few mandatory basics, it’s up to you to research and find what set-up works best for you. It’s always important to plan ahead and have the brooder completely prepared for new chicks before they arrive.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a brooder, what you can make functional with scrap material is always the most rewarding.  Here’s one suggestion from Willow Creek Farm. Read Article –> How We Brood Our Chicks

More Information and Pics of Brooders

A Nifty Thrifty Brooder by TBN Ranch

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