New Shed Row Barn at TBN Ranch

The barn for my chickens is finally done! They are moved in and today’s full basket of egga tells me they’re happy hens! Setting up the broody pen tomorrow and hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have somebody feeling motherly. 🙂

New Barn 9-10-14

Enclosed Feed Room 9-10-14

Silkie Bantam Pen 9-10-14

Maybe I won’t miss my hatch season after all!

Builder: Curt Boyd Barns & Fencing

Treat Guide for Chickens

Chicken Treats Guide

What kind of treats are best for chickens?  I found this article by the Chicken Chick that will help you make wise decisions when choosing nutritious treats for your flock.

Chickens are funny creatures, some will eat anything you put in front of them. Others, like my Silkies Bantams won’t touch anything but layer pellets, rolled oats, and watermelon. When they are free roaming they pick at a little grass, and grab a bug or two, but they are even picky about which bugs are a suitable snack.  😦

I’d given up bringing my Silkie girls snacks from our farm kitchen, but I will take the advice from the Chicken Chick, offer up some healthy goodies and see what happens!

This is my Gavin Flock, they eat everything, but the Silkies will have no part in this feast.

Gavin Flock at TBN Ranch




Silkie Bantams Move to Finished Hen House

Yesterday morning was cloudy and only 89 at 7AM. I took full advantage of this somewhat cooler weather and informed my hens it was moving day. For a month I’ve grabbed an hour here and there trying to set up the new chicken enclosure. Unfortunately, what should have been a one or two day job, turned into a lengthy and grueling event, thanks to the scorching sun threatening to fry me to a crisp.

By 10AM, still no sun, but a toasty 97 degrees. Inspite of working in an oven, the Silkie ladies were moved. The drinkers filled, feeders full to the brim, and everything for their care was conveniently placed in the feed area of the barn.  Ahhh… no more worries, shade all day, 100% protection from the rain we might someday get, and convenient utility sources too.  Life is good!

Here it is, new chicken house!

Chicken Coop 7-2014

This cool little man-made shady space is adjacent to the hen house. It’s been created for feed, supplies, and my morning coffee place.  As you can see from the before and after pics, it’s was quite an ordeal to make it what it is.

High noon, 106, blaring sun…
Finished turning the old hen house into the coop where my broody moms to be will hatch and raise their chicks.

Although I was worn to a frazzle, most likely dehydrated, and probably near a heat stroke, it’s all done.  Happy chickens, happy me.

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