Winter is Here in Phoenix

To most folks, winter means months of cold and snow. Here it means chilly nights averaging around 40 degrees. We might have a few nights when temps drop to freezing, but they are far and few between.
It’s planting season now, and this is Rose checking out one of two new shrubs I planted. By summer they should offer the flock a little more shade, and some yummy flowers to snack on.
Silkie 111015


Cochin Chicks Trading Fluff for Feathers

Looks like another 2 weeks and the Cochin chicks will be ready to leave the brooder! They will be in a coop in plain sight of the existing flock for about 3 months, then set free to join the others. Sounds simple, unfortunately it’s not. We’ll see, my Silkies are very docile and have always accepted new birds with little confrontation. Fingers crossed!

Out for Breakfast

These are my best Silkie Moms, which means they are rarely seen all together. One, or all these ladies are usually broody in their house, either sitting on eggs or pretending to be. It’s molt season, perhaps they’re on break so they can drop a gazillion feathers all over the place. Whatever their reason for stepping out to breakfast this morning, it was nice to see them scratching around in the dirt and just be chickens for a change.

The Breakfast Club

New Silkie Bantam Chicks

After our failed hatch, the hunt was on for quality Silkie chicks. I drove too far and paid too much, but that’s what happens on short notice. Why the rush? This is the last week to start chicks without a heat source. The coolest temps will drop to 90 during the night. Days are 105 on average, and with a mist system near the brooder the temperature is just about right.
The mission of having chicks was a success in spite of the failed hatch, and now I’m just happy to have the four little fluffy butts in my barn. I’ll try another hatch in October.

Silkie Bantams DOB 8-24-15

♥ Name a Chick and Put your Blog in the Spotlight! ♥

I’d like my readers to name the chicks, put your best names in the comment box! If your name is picked, I’ll write a post about your blog with a link sending a little traffic your way. 🙂  Best names will be chosen on Sept. 3rd.

Note: The chicks are straight-run (not sexed)

Broody Hen Drama

My Buff Silkie Randy is one of those hens that gives new meaning to the word NASTY when she’s broody. She beats up all the other hens for being near her, and even if they’re not, she’ll find a reason to chase them, tackle them to the ground, and pull out their feathers.  Needless to say, she’ s now sentenced to do chicken jail time for however long she feels she can hatch eggs that don’t exist.

I won’t use  Randi to hatch eggs, she’s just too full of drama. I can’t even imagine what it would be like dealing with her attitude while setting on eggs.  She’s my little drama queen, and to make it worse, a freeloader! She doesn’t lay eggs, but she does have something that’s worth keeping her among the flock … her beauty.

Randi 82815