About the Plymouth Rock Chicken | TBN Ranch

The Plymouth Rock, also called the Barred Rock, is an American breed of domestic chicken. It is a dual-purpose hardy breed, raised both for meat and eggs. This friendly sweet breed has a single comb with five points; the comb, wattles and ear-lobes are bright red. The legs are yellow and unfeathered. 

Though the Plymouth Rock tolerates confinement, they’re most happy when allowed to free range. All varieties of Plymouth Rock aside from the Barred and White varieties are relatively rare. The Plymouth Rock is a good setter, meaning it has strong maternal instincts, and a good choice for brooding. 

Weight: Heavy, 7-8 lbs
Bantam, 3.0 lbs. Male
Bantam, 2.5 lbs Female
Use: Dual Purpose
Egg Color: Brown
Rarity: Common
Varieties: White, Buff, Silver Penciled, Partridge, Columbian, Blue, Black


Polish Crested Hen

The Polish Crested hen, is a nice addition to any flock.  They aren’t considered a cold hardy breed, but they fair quite well in excessive heat.  They confine well, are friendly, and docile. I’ve never had a Polish bully among the flock at either end of the pecking order. One nice quality of the Polish is they are very quiet. These ornamental birds weigh in between 4-5 pounds and lay about 3 white eggs a week, but usually take time off during the winter months.

Varieties: Bearded: Black Crested White, White Crested Black. Bearded & non-bearded: Golden, Silver, White, Buff Laced.

 photo tbnchicksoct2011007_zpsa4a689b7.jpg
Silver Laced Polish Hen