Buying Smart is the Ideal Chicken Coop

Build it Right the First Time

As a chicken keeper myself, I can’t stress enough the importance of having adequate housing for your birds. Saving money by building too small will inevitably prove a bad investment when you become overwhelmed by the difficult chore of keeping it clean.  Cramped housing also presents problems among the social ranking of the pecking order, thus causing injuries and poor egg production as a result.

A chicken coop is a place you will be spending time in too. Tending to chickens must be done whether its raining, snowing, freezing, or smoldering hot. It only makes sense to build a convenient and spacious coop that you will enjoy, after all, nothing is fun when it becomes a dreadful chore.

In my Chicken Coops, Pics & Plans there are a gazillion pictures of coops in every shape and size. It is my intention to provide you with not only an avenue to explore what’s available for purchase, but to spark an idea or two in the creation of your own.

Remember, you can build small, but when it’s all said and done the first egg usually ends up costing $750. If that sounds like a lot of money, be warned, it could double after two seasons, when you feel the need to upgrade your coop.  Buy smart and build it right the first time!

I found this beautiful coop and wanted to share it with you. Consider the fact that it also would serve quite useful if you should ever decide poultry keeping is not for you.

Quaker Chicken Coop

Lancaster Country Barns

Lancaster County Barns offers a Quaker-style Chicken Coop ready for the chickens to move right in! Our chicken coops are quality constructed with #2 2×4 studs 16″ on center, 7/8″ rough cut white pine with 2″ batons or tongue and groove pine without batons (upon request), 5/8″ pressure treated plywood flooring, 1/2″ plywood subroofing, pressure-treated 2×4 joists on underside, treated 4×4 shipping rails and 30yr architectural asphalt shingles.

8′ x10′ and above come with 12 nesting boxes. Smaller sheds come with 8 nesting boxes.
All sizes come with one 3′ x 28″ perch.
All units come with one chicken door
Standard = single door
8′ x 10′ and over comes with 4 windows smaller sheds with 2 windows.

Starting Price:   $1,575.00 (Excluding: Delivery & PA Sales Tax)

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