Happy Hens in Phoenix Miserable Heat

Keeping Chickens Comfortable, Here’s a Few Tips

It’s been a rough summer for our hens here in Phoenix. The temperatures have soared to 117 and averaged around 110 for more than 35 days since June. And… only one day of rain, in the last 4 months.

But my hens are doing great! Why, how? Well, my girls are in a large 10×10 covered pen inside a covered shedrow barn. They have shade tarps on the south, east & west side for protection from the sun. I hang a simple box fan on their pen, and a mist system far enough away to keep the pen dry, but cooler.

Here they are today, the outside temperature is 110, and 108 in the barn, no panting, or holding their wings away from their sides. They are smart enough to find just the right spot where they can catch a cool breeze from the mister, and as you can see, they are resting comfortably.  🙂

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TBN’s Pretty Polish Hens

These are my fancy Polish ladies. This breed is not only stunning, but a productive medium sized white egg layer. They are consistent layers of about three eggs a week in summer, and these ladies below take the winter off.
Polish chickens are heat tolerant, not broody, very docile, friendly, and if that’s not enough… pretty to look at too!

Penny Lane White Crested
Lady Silver Laced 2013
Penny Lane White Crested 2
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More on Composting with Chickens

Whether you have a large or small chicken yard, just a couple chickens or hundreds, you can still have chickens help you with your compost.
The best way is to just throw all your compostable materials right into the chicken yard. It will better utilize their manure by incorporating it with the other materials, instead of causing mud, rain runoff and compacted dirt & manure… Continue Reading

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Further Reading on Composting Manure

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