TBN’s Pretty Polish Hens

These are my fancy ladies, all are Polish hens hatched Oct 1st, 2011. This breed is not only stunning but a productive medium sized white egg layer. They are consistent layers of about three eggs a week in summer, and these ladies below take the winter off.

Penny Lane White Crested Lady Silver Laced 2013 Penny Lane White Crested 2

Polish chickens are heat tolerant, not broody, very docile, friendly, and if that’s not enough… pretty to look at too!

Learn more about the Polish Chicken –> HERE

* Photos: free public use
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16 Responses to TBN’s Pretty Polish Hens

  1. Marianne says:

    I’ve never seen hens so lovely. Do they know how gorgeous they are? 🙂

  2. vuchickens says:

    wow! they are stunning!

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    They are gorgeous Amy…I think I want some. Shame I live in town these days

  4. They are all adorable, I never realized how different hens can be. They are beautiful birds.

  5. Wow cute, interesting looking and amazing hens.

  6. And they don’t have to use a blow drier each morning? 🙂

  7. Rita A. says:

    They are so amazing. The top one almost looks like the bush is part of her headgear.lol

  8. shadowlilies says:

    Really beautiful! Amazing all the varieties there are.

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