Chicken Coop Shed


amy elizabeth

 There’s a million ideas for chicken coops, but I like to think out of the box a little and be creative. Not a fan of store bought chicken coops, they are often cheaply made and usually a little a lot short on space. I like roomy, definitely not something I have to crawl around on my knees to clean!
It’s nice to not worry about the chickens when it’s pouring rain, or inclement weather. Not to mention the after the storm clean-up… so here’s a great solution!

Chicken Coop Shed Conversion…


Just a suggestion, I would use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. Sparrows can fit through chicken wire, and there’s no good reason (in my opinion) to feed expensive chicken feed to wild birds!

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  1. devhensbrood says:

    I love this coop! Great idea

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