A Tip on Keeping a Hen with Eggs or Chicks Safe Among the Flock

It’s best to keep a hen with fertile eggs under her in a separate place, but that’s not always possible. Personally, I like to keep my birds together, so this box is a nice solution. I found this pic somewhere and saved it so I could incorporate the idea in my own coop.

Brooder Box Inside the Coop

Why is this Box Important?

1.  Sometimes other hens can disturb a nest of fertile eggs causing them to break.
2. Other hens may quit laying if they are discouraged to enter the community nest area by a hen with eggs under her.
3. Newly hatched chicks may get injured or even killed by other members of the flock.

I like having the wire top hinged. It’s nice and super easy to move a broody hen from the community nest area and have the option to close the lid as hatch day approaches.

9 thoughts on “A Tip on Keeping a Hen with Eggs or Chicks Safe Among the Flock”

  1. When do you think chicks are safe to join the flock, with Mama? Our current chicks are about 4 weeks old, close to 5 weeks. Are they still too small if Mama hen is still hanging with them? I think I waited with my last batch a little too long before putting them with the adults. Mama had separated herself from them so provided no assistance…they were probably 8 – 10 weeks old at that point.

    1. I think size matters in the chicken world. Introduce them when they are close in size. The hen may or may not protect them… you’ll have to watch them closely. Introducing new birds is never easy, give them a lot of space, new birds will stay away from trouble if they have somewhere else to go. Provide another feeder and drinker so they won’t be bullied. 4-5 week old chicks are too young to put in with adult birds in my opinion. I would definitely wait… even with Mamma hen.

      1. Thank you! I also think they are too little right now, although they do run around a bit outside with mama hen intermingling in the flock…I think it causes a lot of stress on mama bird though. I will be waiting for these little ones to grow up more.

  2. We moved our broody and eggs to an ark and then when the chicks hatched to an old hen house with an enclosed run and kept them there until they were big enough to join the flock. that worked well for us

    1. Yep, I like that plan. I keep new birds far away from the existing flock, they eventually begin to venture towards one another. But it does take a few weeks to even a month. I learned my lesson, and there will be no more chicken yard battle zones. Too stressful!

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