Preparing the Coop for Winter

Winter with Chickens

It’s almost that time again and it’s time to get the coop ready for the cold weather. Right now is the perfect time to gather the materials you’ll need and prepare a plan.
Dealing with winter is strange territory for me, simply because here in Phoenix we barely have one!  It never snows, and rarely drops below 40 at night. But I’ve done the research for you and found an article that will walk you through the proper steps to keep your chickens happy and healthy through the winter.

I learned a lot myself from this article… mostly that I wouldn’t ever have chickens if I lived in a cold climate! I reach for a ski jacket, hat, and gloves when it’s 40 degrees and I’m still freezing to death! It was 80 here the other day, I turned off the AC because I was cold. Being raised in Chicago, I know just how silly that is, nevertheless, living in Arizona for so long  seems to have messed up my internal thermostat!


Hat’s off to all you guys that trudge through the snow to feed, tend to watering, pick eggs, and do chores in the bitter cold. You are my heroes!


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3 thoughts on “Preparing the Coop for Winter”

  1. Here in the UK it gets quite cold in the winter. On really cold nights I wrap hot water bottles in aluminium foil and put them in the coop. I feel a bit silly doing it but unsure the girls appreciate it!

    1. Foil, hmm… that’s pretty creative! That gives me an idea, don’t think anybody has invented a thermal sleeve for drinkers yet! Just saying… lol

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