Chickens, Chores, and Blessings

Meet Dottie, she’s a LeghornX at almost 3 months and my little trooper in the desert heat. Smart and resourceful to say the least. Unlike the other members of the flock, she cools off in the little pool provided and takes full advantage of the mist system.

Dottie Leghornx 71216

Temperature 71216

Most of the flock is looking a little rough from temperatures ranging from 110 to 117. Not to mention me, definitely not feeling my best battling the heat while bringing them ice and fresh fruit during the day. But this is what chicken people do right? We love our birds no matter what. Ok, I’ll be honest, sometimes I do question myself on why I purposely add more chores to my life by keeping chickens!

Nest run eggs from the ranch

But isn’t it funny how the drudgery of chores are forgotten when they’re all done? Maybe it’s the fresh smell of pine shavings in the hen house, or the basket full of pretty eggs.
But one thing for sure, when I’m heading back to the house, that last glance behind makes it all worthwhile. I feel blessed seeing my happy feathered family busy scratching in the dirt looking for natures little chicken treasures.









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amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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5 Responses to Chickens, Chores, and Blessings

  1. Littlesundog says:

    I’m not going to complain about our Oklahoma heat after reading this post!! Someone always has it worse, eh? 😀

  2. tamisdanes says:

    Many times, I wonder the same thing…then I see a little head popping out from between a mama hen’s feathers and fall in love all over again. In the picture above, what is the ground cover you are using? It looks great!

    • tbnranch says:

      She isn’t in the hen house in the pic, the ground cover is 1/4 minus gravel. We bring in a couple truck loads every few years. In the coop behind is just plain ol’ pine shavings. This morning I watched a mother hen still bringing her 3 month old chicks food. Really? lol Yeah, the work is all worth it when surrounded by such cuteness.

  3. The extra work is worth it. Your little hen is delightful and the eggs are lovely. 🙂

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