When To Move Baby Chicks From The Brooder To Coop

  • What Age Is a Chick Fully Feathered & What Does That Mean?
  • Ideal Outdoor Temperature For Fully Feathered Chicks

The timing for moving chicks from a brooder to a coop depends on several factors. In general, chicks can be moved from the brooder to the coop when they are fully feathered, usually around 6-8 weeks of age. However, if you’re raising chicks in winter, they may need a heat source much longer, and in summer they may only need a heat source for a few weeks. You can determine the chicks’ comfort zone by their behavior. If the chicks are huddled together it’s most likely they’re cold. If some are eating, others active, and a few are resting, that’s a good indication they are quite comfortable.

What Does Fully Feathered Mean?

A fully feathered chick means its downy fluff has been replaced with real feathers. This usually occurs around 6-7 weeks of age, but not all breeds get their feathers at the same time. It’s better to observe the feathering process rather than the age of e bird. As a guideline, and in my opinion, when moving fully feathered chicks from the brooder to the coop, the ideal temperature would be around 65 -70 degrees. To achieve ideal climate conditions, the best time to start chicks is in Spring.

Adjusting Temperature Control in the Brooder

An important reason for having temperature control on the brooder is that it not only keeps baby chicks warm but also to prepare them for cooler temperatures as they grow. Each week the temperature in the brooder should be lowered by 5 degrees. The rule of thumb is as follows:
Week 1: 95 degrees
Week 2: 90 degrees
Week 3: 85 degrees
Week 4: 80 degrees
Week 5: 75 degrees
Week 6: 70 degrees
Week 7: 65 degrees

If your birds are ready to be moved to their coop, happy moving day!

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