When is it Safe to Open the Incubator?

Opening the incubator will let out all of the warm moist air that is contained inside the machine and doing it at the wrong time will cause hatching problems. Read Article

By Neil Armitage | Cluckin
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Gardening with Chickens: Plants to Avoid

It’s a question I get asked a lot, what plants are poisonous to hens?
As part of my answer you need to remember that hens are foragers – they nibble plants here and there, and then set off scratching for more bugs. Because the honest answer is that there are LOTS of plants that are considered toxic to chickens but, in my experience, most hens know not to eat them. Read Article

by: the good life ani’t easy
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How To Deal With A Loud Rooster

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you can have roosters, you probably won’t think twice about the rampant crowing. You wouldn’t be wrong, either! Most areas that are very rural or zoned agricultural are pretty rooster-friendly, so it would never be an issue that pops up. Though, there are a few circumstances that might require you to keep your boys quiet, let’s see the best way to deal with a roosters crow…. CONTINUE READING

by The Happy Chicken Coop

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