How To Choose The Perfect Egg Incubator (And Use It Properly)

In this guide we will share with you how to choose the perfect incubator. We will also walk you through the incubation process and hatching eggs… Continue Reading

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Hatch Day, This Weekend… Hopefully

Everything is set-up, mother hen has been incredibly dedicated to her eggs, but whether or not she’ll be a good mother is yet to see. If not, there’s another brooder coop ready to go for the little hatch-a-longs…. providing they hatch.  I won’t need to provide a heat source considering the average temperature here is around 108 and 89 at night. For a change, I’m happy to live in Phoenix Ovenland.

Hatch-a-long update

It has been so interesting watching momma hen care for her eggs. The mothering instinct baffles me to say the least. It was 117 degrees for three days last week, she positioned her eggs around her with just her wings over the eggs. She did this periodically through the day as if she knew when the eggs were too warm under her. As the temperature dropped, I checked on her again, and all the eggs were under her. Why this is especially amazing to me is because she’s never hatched eggs before. How does she know what the heck she’s doing? And without access to Google!

Keeping chickens has truly been a wonderful and rewarding experience over the many years. Along the way I made mistakes, lots of them. Which is how the TBN Ranch blog came to be.  Through trial and error I learned what worked and what didn’t, and wanted to share my experiences with the novice. There’s nothing worse than being uninformed during a crisis, no matter how menial.

Today the TBN Ranch blog is visited by a of 500+ chicken keepers each and every day!
I’m very proud of how it’s grown, a big thank you to all my readers, visitors, and followers.


Broody Hens vs Incubators, Pros and Cons

Decisions, Decisions…


Many of us want to hatch chicks, but how should we do it? A broody hen, or an incubator? Below are some of the aspects you should take into consideration when making this decision… Read Article

This article is from Backyard Chickens and it will help you decide which form of hatching is best for you. If you haven’t discovered the Backyard Chickens website yet, you’re in for a real treat. I highly recommend you sign up and get involved in their highly educational forums. Problems and concerns regarding your flock can be posted in specific categories and you can be assured it’ll be answered quickly…  often within 15 minutes!