Easy Fill Waterer for Chickens, a Review

Finally a drinker that’s easy to fill, simply take off the lid and fill it with the hose. Available in two sizes, 3.5 gallon & 6.25 gallon. Easy to clean, made of molded long-life plastic. Big handle for easy transport.

This drinker isn’t designed to hang, I raise it using a cinder block for adult hens.

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When is it Safe to Open the Incubator?

Opening the incubator will let out all of the warm moist air that is contained inside the machine and doing it at the wrong time will cause hatching problems.

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By Neil Armitage | Cluckin
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Chicks Eight Weeks Old Today

Three Silkies & One Millie Fleur

The fluffy buff silkie in the middle is 9 weeks old. Will be moving them all to the coop next weekend. Temperatures here in Phoenix are 70’s H & around 50 at night. They are still in the brooder shed with heat kept at 60 at night, this week it will be lowered to 55 and then they are ready to move to the big girl coop in the barn.

Silk, Glenda, Nugget, and Raven
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