Ventilation in the Chicken Coop


Providing a safe environment for your chickens is not just about protecting them from predators. Lets take a look at something we tend to overlook, ventilation.

By: patandchickens and BYC Project Manager

Why is Ventilation Such a Big Deal?


The Making of an Extraordinary Chicken Coop

How sweet is this?

This lovely set-up earns the honor of coop of the week on Backyard Chickens. You can view the step by step building process and more pics by visiting  the bhaus blog.


Chicken Coop Building Plans

Handy? This coop has been modified to suit the builder, but the original plans by Purina Mills are available online HERE. I love finding chicken coops that cover all the bases, notice the aviary netting atop, and the height of the set-up allowing easy human access.  This coop is a really nice set-up, comfortably housing the larger flock.

You can see step by step images of this coop being built at Backyard Chickens.

Coop and Run
Love the windows!

Looking for more ideas?

Chicken Coops Pics & Plans
amy elizabeth’s Good Chicken Keeping

Chicken Coop Made from Shipping Pallets

pallet coop

Here’s an idea if you have access to shipping pallets and want to build your own chicken coop. Go HERE to see the finished coop and how it was built… step by step.

• This coop was voted #1 in the Backyard Chicken Coop Design Contest!

More on Composting with Chickens

Silver Laced Polish hen

Whether you have a large or small chicken yard, just a couple chickens or hundreds, you can still have chickens help you with your compost.

The best way is to just throw all your compostable materials right into the chicken yard. It will better utilize their manure by incorporating it with the other materials, instead of causing mud, rain runoff and compacted dirt & manure… Read Article

Further reading about composting –> HERE