A Tip on Keeping a Hen with Eggs or Chicks Safe Among the Flock

Brooder Box Inside the Coop

It’s best to keep a hen with fertile eggs under her in a separate place, but that’s not always possible. Personally, I like to keep my birds together, so this box is a nice solution. I found this pic somewhere and saved it so I could incorporate the idea into my coop.
Why is this Box Important?
Sometimes other hens can disturb a nest of fertile eggs causing them to break.
Other hens may quit laying if they are discouraged to enter the community nest area by a hen with eggs under her.
Newly hatched chicks may get injured or even killed by other members of the flock.
I like having the wire top hinged. It’s nice and super easy to move a broody hen from the community nest area and has the option to close the lid as hatch day approaches.

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