Deep Litter Method in the Coop

  • Using the Deep Litter Method in the Coop
  • Plus Other Ways to Prepare your Backyard Chickens for Winter

Using the deep litter method during the cold winter months works the best for me and my flock. Here in the mid-Atlantic, Zone 6b, winter means that water routinely freezes, plants are dormant, and days are considerably shorter—and nights… Continue Reading 

By Harvey Ussery /Countryside Daily
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Checklist for Building a Chicken Coop

There’s nothing worse than having to re-do your chicken coop setup because you didn’t build it right the first time. This Chicken Coop Checklist offers good advice and great suggestions on how to avoid those little problems that can easily turn into big headaches later. Keeping chickens shouldn’t be a huge chore, creating a functional space that is convenient to maintain will give you more freedom to enjoy your flock.

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