Recycled Coffee Grounds for Chicken Coops? Learn More Here

A New Way to Keep Your Chicken Coop Clean & Smelling Fresh

Coffee grounds chicken bedding is a new type of bedding material for chicken coops that utilizes used coffee grounds. Instead of disposing of the coffee grounds, they are repurposed as bedding material for chickens. The idea behind using coffee grounds as chicken bedding is that it is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bedding materials such as straw or pine shavings. Not to mention, the coop certainly would smell great!
It’s important to note that coffee grounds should not be the only source of bedding material in a chicken coop. They can be used in combination with other materials such as pine shavings to provide a comfortable nesting box for egg-laying and broody hens.
I haven’t found this new product anywhere in Phoenix, but other chicken keepers have found it available at Rural King. Unfortunately, we don’t have that store here. Some people have found it at Tractor Supply, but our neighborhood TSC hasn’t gotten on board with this new product yet. Therefore, I haven’t been able to try it, nevertheless, I wanted to at least keep my readers informed with new products that might make chicken-keeping chores easier.
Using a long-handle litter scoop would be handy in keeping the coop clean on a daily basis. The litter scoop is available on Amazon.

Here’s what Rural King Farm & Home Store Says About Recycled Coffee Grounds Animal Bedding

Our 100% All Natural Animal Bedding is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds. To answer the question you’re asking yourself – Yes! It is completely safe for your animals. There is no caffeine or anything harmful in our coffee grounds.
Our bedding makes your coop smell like your favorite local coffee shop, it doesn’t decompose and break down into dust, and it acts like a cat litter for your animals’ droppings, making for a quick and easy clean up! When you’re ready to swap out your used bedding for new, go ahead and toss our grounds in your compost pile or in the yard!
Here are the Benefits:
Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding is made from recycled coffee grounds and is great for chickens (chicks), ducks, and turkeys!
Grounds bedding has a great coffee scent.
Pet bedding has no dust and does not break down like traditional wood shavings.
Small pet bedding is easy to clean and scoop out unwanted waste
Natural pest repellent.
Longer-lasting clean coop, less maintenance required.
Made in the USA from recycled coffee grounds with virtually no caffeine.
Spread 0.5-1 in. depth in the chicken coop.

There are a few videos on YouTube to help you decide if recycled coffee grounds for your coop is something you’re interested in. Check them out!
Happy chicken keeping! 🙂

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