My Silkie Hen Welcomes Baby Chicks

The Successful Introduction of Hatch-a-longs (Orphan Chicks) to a Broody Hen

Backyard urban chicken keepers aren’t allowed to have a rooster because they are a neighborhood nuisance with their constant crowing. But what can you do if you want babies and aren’t interested in incubating eggs? You can place fake eggs under her when she’s broody, wait about two-three weeks, and tuck 1 to 3-day-old chicks under her in the middle of the night. How to do this is described in detail HERE.

Mother Hen and Her Hatch-a-longs, Day 2

Silkie Hen with her Black Star Hatch-a-longs
Mamma Being Maternal
Hatch-a-long chicks are Black Stars, AKA, Black Sex-Links

About the Black Star

The Black Star, also known as a Black Sex-Link is produced by two separate breeds. The breeds are usually a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster mated with a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. The Black Star is known for its hardiness, excellent egg-laying ability, and attractive appearance. Continue Reading

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