Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!

Silkies 6 months 3-12-14

Exactly six months to the day and I have eggs from my ladies…  finally!  Another good piece of news is now I know for sure they are indeed pullets. Sometimes you just can’t tell on a SIlkie until they actually lay an egg.

Here’s what I have since Saturday…

Silkie Bantam Eggs 3-12-14


My guess… Rooster!  Sunkist is 8 weeks old and at the age where sex of a Silkie can sometimes be determined by the crest. I suspected this chick was a roo when he was only two weeks old. Only time will tell for sure…  but trust me, she’s a he!

BB Flock Sunkist 11-3-13

Labeled Diagram of Chicken Anatomy

Basic Anatomy

Diagram of a chicken 1