Seven Weeks After the Storm

The shed row barn was finished yesterday! I’m in the process of setting up the hens in the barn and should have pictures in the next few days. The property is cleaned up and all the debris from the barn has been hauled away.  Yay! It’s starting to look like home again.

In two weeks the block wall fencing and RV gates will be repaired. All that’s left are a few downed trees that need to be cut up and taken away. Easy, then again, it is one of those man jobs, so I won’t hold my breath waiting on that one. lol

All the hens survived the chaos, the inadequate living conditions, and the heat, which has been between 106 and 108 for over a week.  But this weekend the temperatures are dropping a bit offering them some relief. With a little luck, I’ll get them moved into their brand new barn by Monday.  Pictures coming soon!

Hang in there girls!


The Barn Raising Begins

Day One

This morning a crew arrived to tear down the storm damaged remains of our barn. In preparation, the chickens were moved again into temporary housing for the duration of building.

Two of my hens settled in their nests right away to continue being broody… sitting on nothing but wishful thinking. The others don’t seem to be concerned at all by the move, luckily I kept the coop they were raised in as young pullets.


Restoring Our Farm’s Pre-Storm Dignity

There are subtle hints that Fall is not that far away. This means Phoenix’s brutally hot summer is finally going to let up and we can get back to working outside. This season we’ll have a totally different agenda, clean-up from the monsoon storm is first priority, then the repairs and rebuilding of what was destroyed.

Although the temperatures are still a steamy 109, the sun isn’t quite as intense as it was a month ago and there are signs of relief. School supplies are on the store shelves, summer clothes are hanging on store sale racks, and that means only one thing to me. Phoenix will soon turn from a hellish territory to lush paradise for seven whole months!

Seven months… plenty of time to restore the farm to it’s pre-storm dignity. There’s a plan for the new shed row barn, and the replanting of lost trees and foliage will begin in November. There is progress, we’ve made a dent in the clean-up and the shed row barn is half down and  salvaged materials neatly stacked.


Our in-home remodeling projects are starting to look worthy of our efforts, and it looks like we just might meet our Spring completion deadline. However, take note I didn’t mention which Spring!

There will most likely not be any chicks in the brooder this Oct. With the barn construction, there will be too many disturbances and my hens will probably be unreliable setters.

Changes are always going to be a part of life, and none of us are immune. Rather than wallow in woe…

Perhaps change is the ladder forced upon us when we quit reaching for higher levels of accomplishment.