Choosing a Chicken Drinker | Types, Ideas, DIY

Which drinker is right for your chickens? It depends on many factors to say the least.  Convenience should certainly be considered, but keep in mind, there are a variety of different drinkers available for many different reasons.
For every need (or problem) someone has no doubt found a solution. Visit my photo collection and see all the different drinker types, get some ideas, and even learn how to make your own!

Chicken Drinkers

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About Combs and Wattles

Both male and female chickens have fleshy growths at the tops of their heads called combs.¬† Wattles are two oblong fleshy growths that hang below their chin. But what are they for? Learn more & view all the different types of combs… HERE

Combs & Wattles

Chicken Drinkers | Types and DIY

View different types of chicken drinkers and find the ideal one that suits your flock’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a solution, researching options, or want to build your own, visit my collection of chicken drinkers on Pinterest.
Chicken Drinkers

The Distictive Types of Chicken Combs

Below: Rooster Combs

What is the comb’s function? Learn about combs and wattles HERE