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Chicken Opera


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First Time Butchering a Chicken? Here’s How

Disclaimer: This video contains the butchering of a live chicken. Please keep in mind the graphic nature of the content before watching. How to Butcher a Chicken Part 1 HobbyFarms.com How to Butcher a Chicken Part 2 HobbyFarms.com Visit HobbyFarms.com

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Keep Your Rooster Quiet, Here’s How

This may be the answer to a common problem for chicken keepers who aren’t allowed by city ordinances to have a rooster. Wearing this collar, a rooster may be no louder than a hen.  Learn more… Today through Sept 21st … Continue reading

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Dogs Say Grace Before Dinner

Four lucky dogs…  given the opportunity to shine.  That’s what training is all about! As a retired Professional Pet Stylist, I can’t help but notice the scissored haircut on the Standard Poodle on the far left.  Very nice… very nice … Continue reading

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Chicken Embryo Development

Watch this amazing video of the development of a chicken embyro.

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